03 Aug 2022

Introducing Twala Network – A Specialized Ethereum Sidechain Designed to Enable Digital Trust, Security, and Compliance

Hello there! I’m Alex, Chief Technology Officer of Twala.

From Twala’s early days until now, the team’s obsession with enabling digital trust in the digital world remains the same — if not stronger than ever. Our clients and partners have grown significantly and we’re able to experiment with ideas around blockchain digital identities and smart documents. One of those ideas is figuring out a way on how to anchor more documents and issue more digital identities in the blockchain more frequently, efficiently, and most importantly to save [you] money.

Introducing Twala Network

We are proud to announce the first Filipino-made blockchain network, Twala Network — a specialized Ethereum sidechain designed to enable digital trust, security, and compliance for banks, government institutions, organizations, and businesses. Twala Network has built-in protocols for blockchain self-sovereign identities and digital document anchoring to help connect Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. We’ve been working on the Twala Network project ever since we launched Twala Sign, our document signing platform last year, and have been steadily building up our partnerships, technology platform, and operational continuum in that time.

Twala Network will allow us to evolve the way we do business to the next level, setting us up to build an interconnected future of decentralized trust and transparency.

Twala Network will have:

  • Seamless transactions with fast block confirmation.
  • Significantly lower transaction fees compared to other general-purpose blockchains.
  • Built-in protocols for processing digital identities and document anchoring/verification with the use of zero-knowledge proofs.
  • An integrated bridge to roll-up transactions to the Ethereum Mainnet.
  • A 2-way peg bridge for transferring TWL (Twala Network’s native cryptocurrency) in and out of the network.
  • A blockchain explorer, and yes, it has a dark mode.

Here in Twala, we believe in a Web3 future and that blockchain technology is the next evolution of the Internet. At the core of every industry’s workflows, there are always two constants: identities and documents. These two are Twala’s building blocks in constructing the platform. Imagine a future where all documents are born digital and your identity and access rights can be easily proven without sharing any piece of data about you without your consent. A future where governments and companies can work with each other without the threat of any central authority. We see a future where opening up a bank account or signing contracts can be done in just a few simple clicks.

Our Roadmap

Twala Network will be released in three main phases:

Phase 1 (Jellie)
Jellie Testnet is the first test network of Twala. Jellie uses Geth (Go Ethereum) and runs on PoA (Proof of Authority) consensus protocol. The main purpose of Jellie is to start the development and integration of Twala’s protocol into real-world use cases of blockchain for digital identity and documents while providing a familiar and stable environment for Twala’s partners and community. Jellie is now live and we will be contacting community and enterprise partners in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Jellie Teaser

Phase 2 (Edlex)
Edlex Testnet will be the second test network of Twala and will have the same configuration and implementations as the main network. It will also be integrated with zkEVM and ChainBridge to provide seamless interoperability with Ethereum for transaction rollups and TWL 2-way peg bridge.

Phase 3 (Twala Mainnet)
More details on this soon!

The Future
Most of the blockchain implementations and use cases out there are focused on DeFi, NFTs, and gaming. On the other hand, we are focused on exploring and developing real-world and sustainable solutions of blockchain for society as a whole – an area that is mostly ignored, for now. Twala Network will be used to level up two of Twala’s products: Twala ID and Twala Sign.

More on the way — we’ve got plenty of updates coming this year!